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Here’s what some of our Learners had to say

Zoe Spencer

Kev is a fantastic driving instructor! Would highly reccomend him to anyone! I passed my test 1st time with no faults! He communicates in a way that makes things easy to understand, knows what he is doing 10/10 Thanks for everything!

Tom Askey

Top quality driving instructor, helps you every step of the way, would recommend to anyone, Good guy.

Scott Davies

Quality instructor. Would recommend to anyone.

Harry Collins

Best driving instructor out there without a doubt!! Thanks for everything kev mate take care and good luck in the future.

Ellie Brooker

Kev was really helpful, funny and always good at keeping my nerves under control, passed first time Definitely recommend!!

Priya Manda

Kev is an absolutely brilliant instructor, he made every lesson fun and always calmed my nerves - which wasn't always easy! I highly recommend learning with him, he's great at what he does and is such a friendly guy. I couldn't have passed without him! Thanks Kev :)


Jack Cumner

A really great instructor , easy to talk with and gives you helpful tips to help you pass first time.

Sarah Heddle

My sister and I both passed first time with Kev. Great instructor, I would highly recommend to anyone learning to drive. He believes in his learners. Always felt safe and always up for a laugh. thankyou 

Paul Juan

Many thanks Kev for teaching Max to drive, for coaching him for the test and for your expert advice on safe driving in the future. Max has always really enjoyed and looked forward to your lessons and was so excited to pass. We couldn't have asked for more and highly recommend Frimley Driving School.

Vicki Valcheva

To start with, I want to thank you Kev! I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to do it and it would take a couple of fails before I pass. But having you as an instructor helped me gradually built on my confidence, and my driving. I strongly recommend him, not only is he a good instructor but also a great fun character who makes the lessons enjoyable. Again thank you so much!!! xxx

Claudia May Jones

Amazing driving instructor gave me so much confidence!! really supportive and friendly thank you Kev!!

Jaykob Williams

Genuinely excellent instructor, so friendly and just overall very good at what he does, helped me every step of the way and would strongly recommend to any wannabe learners.

John Timms Blanch

Kev from Frimley Driving School has a relaxed, yet professional instructional approach that sets your mind at ease and at the same time affords clear concise instruction. Passed first time after 10 lessons with FDS! Cannot thank Kev enough! Nor recommend his services more vehemently. 
Thanks KevJohn Timms Blanch

Zoe Field

Kev was brilliant , so helpful! Really funny and very friendly . Passed first time !! Kev is so easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease , if looking for an instructor look no further . One of the best in the area ! Want to say a massive thank you for taking me on even when he was incredibly busy 

Grant Jones

Absolutely awesome working with Kevin, wouldn't of passed without him. Passed first time with only 3 minors and Kev definitely helped keep my nerves under control which I think was the most crucial aspect.

Ginette West

If you are looking for an instructor that will put you at ease, help build your confidence, as well as teach you the skills you need to become a safe and confident driver, then you need look no further than Kev.
I had not driven for nearly 12 years and had lost all my confidence, with Kev's instruction and ability to put me at ease I passed my practical test, first time, not only did I gain my confidence and skills, I had a lot of laughs along the way.
I highly recommend Kev to anyone that needs to learn, refresh or just gain confidence in their driving.

Corey Heath

First of all I can't thank Kev enough because I honestly don't think I could've passed without him! Kev is the friendliest guy you could meet and always put me at ease in the car. What I liked most about my lessons was that I could have a laugh while learning. I would highly advise any first time learner to give Frimley Driving School a go and I promise you won't regret it. Thanks again Kev!

Kayleigh Mason

Brilliant driving instructor!! From day one getting in the car and being petrified of everything I never thought I'd actually pass at the end of it but I did thanks to the constant support, reassurance and patience off kev... Massive thank you... And I'll b happy if I never have to do a reverse left again

Jo Dunn

Fantastic driving instructor. I suffer with bad anxiety and Kev quickly put me at ease and made every lesson fun. I passed my test first time and that's all down to Kev. Highly recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Grace Olsen

I was a very nervous learner having taken and failed my test in the past but Kev did a brilliant job of raising my confidence in driving and helped me work through my anxiety about the driving test. He quickly got me back up to test standard and I passed my test the first time I had taken it with Kev. I would highly recommend  him to anyone, particularly nervous pupils. 

Amanda Welstead

I cant recommend Frimley Driving School highly enough. Kev is a fantastic instructor who made me feel at ease and relaxed from day 1, despite being really nervous. He is really down to earth so you can have a laugh with him which makes a massive difference. He doesn't seem to loose patience no matter how many times you make a mistake, (and i made lots!!) he sticks with you and he wants you to succeed. He showed confidence in me and that lead to me having confidence in myself! I cant thank him enough for getting me through my test and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Kev!

Zhanna Franchiskovski

Finally I passed my driving exam.It was my third successful try and  i did it  .I am really thankfull to Kev .He is  a really good instructor and a very frendly person .I would highly recommend him to anybody who is going to pass their  driving exam!

Georgie Rough

Kev is a great instructor. We always had a laugh and he made learning to drive great fun, as well as really preparing me for the roads. After switching to Kev from my first instructor I found lessons much more enjoyable and relaxed.
He's really supportive and helped me to pass my test first time, I would really highly recommend Kev to anyone looking to learn!

Declan Rowley

Kev is an excellent driving instructor, always on time and ready with a smile.  He is extremely patient, during lessons he gave me clear and precise instructions and used his knowledge and experience to guide me through many challenges. He is brilliant to chat to and has kept me smiling through my lessons whilst remaining highly professional. He is also highly encouraging and honest, I would recommend everyone to learn how to drive with Kev.

Russell Yates

Kev is a fantastic driving instructor, he is friendly, funny and puts you at ease even when things aren't going to quite to plan. Right from the start I enjoyed my driving lessons and I believe this allowed me to learn very quickly and pass first time.
I would highly recommend Kev to anyone looking for driving lessons.

Vicky Allen

Fantastic instructor my daughter past first time I put that down to Kevs excellent teaching.

Mary Crew

An excellent driving instructor. I enjoyed every lesson with him and he filled me with confidence, making me feel at ease behind the wheel.
He was very patient, even when making silly mistakes. He also helped me to pass my test first time, and made learning to drive into an enjoyable experience.

Orla Purdon

Kev is the best instructor ever, helped me pass with 10 lessons first time, I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive ☺

Lauren French

Brilliant instructor! Extremely patient (even when you make stupid mistakes!) More like driving with a friend sometimes, he puts you completley at ease and he made me the safe and confident driver I am today.
Constantly recommending him to anyone will listen! ☺

Claire Lynch

What a fantastic driving instructor and man. He put me at ease with every lesson I had, gave me some excellent advice and filled me with complete confidence. I could not have asked for anyone better.
I passed my test today, first time and I could not have done it without Kevin. A true believer in me and I'm so pleased I was able to show him how well he had taught me by passing!
Thank you Kevin. I will be recommending you to everyone I meet! x

Kelly Brown

Fantastic instructor! Kev got me through something I never thought I would do after failing 5 times and I can’t thank him enough..always calm even if we had reversed around the same corner 50 times ☺

Jess Dinsdale

Would recommend to anyone willing to take driving seriously!!!
Great instructor...easy going...and patient (which every learner needs!!!)

George Cumner

Great instructor, helped me pass first time. Easy to talk to and very friendly with great patience, which is needed!

Ellie Peters

Me and kev became best buds and he helped me pass first time which I don't think would have been possible without him 😎Smiley