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Getting on the road with Frimley Driving School couldn't be easier.

The information below will help you on your way, from applying for your first provisional licence to taking your practical driving test and much more.

Applying for your Provisional Licence
Taking your Driving Theory Test
Booking your first lesson
Taking your Practical Driving Test
Applying for your Photocard Driving Licence

Apply for your first provisional driving licence

Get your first provisional driving licence for a car from the DVLA online. Apply using your Government Gateway ID. If you don’t have one or need to re-register, you’ll get an ID as part of your application.

When you can apply

You can apply for a provisional driving licence when you’re 16 years and 9 months old.

You can start driving when you’re:

  • 17 if you want to drive a car

You can drive a car when you are 16 if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

What you need to know

To get your first provisional driving licence online for a car you must:

  • be a resident of Great Britain - there’s a different service in Northern Ireland
  • meet the minimum age requirement
  • meet the minimum eyesight requirement
  • not be prevented from driving for any reason
  • have a valid UK passport or other form of identity
  • have your National Insurance number if known
  • provide addresses where you’ve lived over the last 2 years

Your licence should arrive within one week if you apply online.

Apply for your Provisional Licence now

Follow their easy step by step process to help you fill the form in quickly and accurately.

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Taking your Driving Theory Test

Once you have your provisional driving licence, you can book your driving theory test (this can be booked whilst you are learner to drive. You do not need to pass this before you take your lessons).

There are 2 parts to the theory test:

the multiple choice part

the hazard perception part

Both parts of the test are taken on the same day. You must book your driving theory test in advance on the GOV.UK website.
The questions in the multiple-choice part and format of the hazard perception part depend on what kind of vehicle you want to drive.

You need to pass both to pass the theory test

Preparing for the test

There are official publications and tools to help you prepare for the test, and if you’ve got special needs then there are a number of facilities to help.

To prepare for the multiple-choice part of the theory test you should use 2 books known as the 'source material. They are:

The Highway Code

'Know your traffic signs'

the relevant book from the 'essential skills' range

You can buy all the publications from most high street book shops and download the 'Know your traffic signs’ booklet.

Preparing for the hazard perception part

The official DVSA guide to hazard perception’ is a training DVD-ROM for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It’s available from most high street book shops. You can also order it from The Stationery Office.

Book your Theory Test now

It should take you around 10 minutes to complete your booking online, though there are no time restrictions

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Booking your first lesson

Booking your first lesson with Frimley Driving School couldn’t be easier.

We have some fantastic offers which you can take advantage of, from your first lesson to block bookings:

First 2 hours for £80.00 - Introductory offer

Block Bookings

Student*/Military Families offers

As a Frimley Driving School Learner you will benefit from:

A friendly and professional instructor

Help with theory and practical training

Access to fantastic offers and promotions

Book a Lesson

If you would like to book a lesson, please use the contact us form or call Frimley Driving School on 07794 078230 and we will be happy to assist you.

With lots on offer, we are sure you will find something which will suit your needs. Frimley Driving School is ready to take you on the next stage of your journey!

Book your lesson now

Follow the information on the contact page to help you with your booking.

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Taking your Practical Driving Test

If you feel confident (and your driving instructor agrees) the last stage of learning to drive is booking your practical test.

The practical driving test is designed to see if you:

can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions

know the Highway Code and can show this through your driving ability

As long as you show the standard required, you’ll pass your driving test.

There’s no minimum number of lessons you must have or hours you must practice driving before you take your test. There are no pass or fail quotas.

You’ll need to have passed your driving theory test before taking your practical test.

Documents to take to your test

You must take:

your theory test pass certificate (or confirmation) if you’re not exempt from taking the theory test

both parts of your driving licence - the photo card and the paper counterpart

You must take your signed driving licence and a valid passport if you have an old-style paper licence.

What happens during the test

Before you start the driving ability part of your test, you will be asked to complete:

an eyesight check

2 vehicle safety questions: 'show me, tell me'

The driving part of your test will last about 20 minutes. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving.

For further information on what will be expected of you durning your test, visit 'What happens during your test' on the Gov.uk website

They also have useful links to the 'Show me, Tell me' questions

Book your Driving Test now

Choose the type of test to take and complete the online form.

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Applying for your Photocard Driving Licence

Once you have passed your driving test (and received all the congratulations for doing so) you can now apply for your photocard driving licence.

At the end of your test, your examiner will ask if you would like him/her to apply for the licence on your behalf. If you agree they will take your provisional licence from you and arrange the application. It will be posted by the examiner and you will receive your first licence within a couple of weeks.

If you would like to apply for your own licence, you can do so by picking up a UK driving licence application form (D1) from a Post Office Car Tax issuing branch and send it to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD with:

A passport-size photo and ID - a current UK passport or proof that you’re entitled to a state retirement pension

A passport-size photo

Your application fee

Please note, the DVLA reserves the right to see original identity documents.

Read on for further information

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